Worcester Bosch combi boiler service – Fulford, York

Worcester Bosch combi boiler service – Fulford, York

This service was a follow on from another job I did for this customer, I’d replaced a part on their boiler that their builders plumber couldn’t replace for some reason. When I did the job, I noticed ridges on the outside of the boilers burner / heat exchanger, never a good sign. So I asked them when they had it serviced last. They didn’t realise it needed to be serviced, so had never had it done. You should always have your boiler serviced every year.

This was a major service and I cleaned out the burner thoroughly and flushed it through. I cleaned out the condense trap and the Magnaclean filter below the boiler too. I replaced the gasket / seal at the top of the burner, which had gone brittle and actually split. As well as the electrodes, which you can see in the photos were very worn down. I also replaced the fuse in the fused spur for a 3amp fuse, rather than the 13amp one that was there already. I cleaned the boiler up and put everything back together again and everything is working well again. Hopefully this boiler will work a bit more efficiently now, and give this customer a trouble free year of service this year.

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