Regular boiler to combi boiler conversion – Clifton, York

Regular boiler to combi boiler conversion – Clifton, York

This customer had a very old regular boiler, which was on the ground floor, a hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard on the first floor, and then the cold water tanks up in the roofspace. They wanted to upgrade the system to a combi boiler so they could remove the hot water cylidner, and the tanks in the loft, and just have one boiler that did all their heating and hot water for them.

This job took us 2 days to complete and we removed everything in the airing cupboard, and disconnected the tanks in the loft. Unfortunately we had to leave hot and cold pipes up to the loft as they had a shower that was fed from above and altering that would have meant changing tiles etc. When they refurbish the bathroom in the future they could later that and then take back that full airing cuboard. But for now they’ll just have to be boxed in, which isn’t too bad anyway.

We replaced their old regular boiler with a Viessmann o5o combi boiler, with a 10 year parts and labour warranty for them. We also flushed the system, and fitted a Magnaclean Professional 3 central heating filter (Which actually connects to your wifi, monitors how dirty your system water is and lets you know when it all needs a flush again. Pretty clever stuff).

The Viessmann combi boiler comes with a ‘weather compensator’, that automatically adjusts your boiler according to the weather outside. If you’re interested in learning more about weather compensation and the energy efficiencies that it can deliver, have a look at this video

This new boiler, on a clean system, with a great filter and the weather compensator, should mean that this customer will be paying less for energy bills and hopefully have many problem free years of use out of this boiler. Many more than the 10 years that it’s warrantied for 🙂

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